About Us

CBD Northwest  

Our mission at CBD Northwest is to bring you personalized service and the highest quality products that we have tried and approve of for our own families. The products we carry are manufactured by industry leaders who focus on products that are formulated by leaders in the healthcare industry.

As a family-owned business based in Washington State, our priority lies in providing the highest quality service to our customers and community. We’ve partnered with the best manufacturers of CBD based products so we can provide you with a line that is backed by the foremost natural care providers and are produced with consumer conscious practices. CBD Northwest guarantees that every purchase will be handled by a team of reliable experts, who have built their business around the values of integrity and ingenuity. Because we carry multiple product lines, we can help you choose the best products for your needs and likes. Whether it’s a lotion, balm, softgel, gummy or liquid, we are sure to find you the best combination that works for you.

About Us

CBD Northwest is a division of Evolving Nutrition (for healthcare practitioners) and sister company to Nutra Northwest (a patient and retail portal). We are a family-owned and operated nutraceutical distribution company based in Mukilteo, Washington. Evolving Nutrition offers a wide range of professional only product lines, to licensed health care practitioners and their patients. We take pride in our ability to educate our clients on product selection and we offer an on-staff nutritionist who is available to guide them through their nutritional needs. Helping you is our number one priority.

Abbinanti FamilyAmanda Abbinanti, co-founder: “We began this journey in my grandmother’s garage in 2012. Back then it was just me, my dad, and a few products. I wanted to start the company because I saw the need for a local distributor in the Pacific Northwest, the center of naturopathic teaching in the United States. I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t one already out here when Bastyr University is right in our backyard. We started small with just a couple of product lines hand delivering what we could and shipping the rest. Soon word got around that we were here, and we started attending local conferences for naturopaths. Our little garage-based operation started taking off!”

So, we invested in building space, expanded our warehouse, and got our website up and running. Amanda’s husband TJ left his career in the veterinary world and Samantha was born into the role of Chief Cuteness Officer; the company truly became family owned and run.

Today, Evolving Nutrition represents over 40 different brands with over 3,000 different SKUs including our own private label, LaSante. And we are now branching out to some of the most highly regarded hemp-based CBD products on the market.

We look forward to getting to know you and help you with any questions about the supplements we carry. Contact us via phone or email: 800-458-0891 / info@cbdnorthwest.com


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